Kaer Jai'den

A Hypothesis on the Beginning of the Thread

Understanding Death from a Pre-Life Perspective

Many of the source material that I have undertaken to read from the learned discipline seem to concern themselves far too much with the end of life, and with the transit of the spirit beyond our mortal frame. This writing, I hope, serves as a reasonable hypothesis as to when exactly the spirit attaches itself to our frames.

Most adepts and non, traditionally agree that when a baby breathes it’s first, it is first alive. This convenient lie serves only to shroud our spirit in an acceptable mystery. Now the Elementalist would happily convey the wonders of the element of Air, but they would simply, in my opinion, be erring (pun intended) on which element. I feel that it is Water, that first binds the spirit on their mortal journey. I ask you then, does the baby have a True Name in the womb? Further study will be needed and I will have to examine many pregnant women at various stages to unravel this fact.

Now, Nethermancers have the only true perspective when it comes to life, namely in deep understanding that one’s thread simply doesn’t end when they die, but instead, their spirit travels (debatable as to where) away from the material realm into the astral space and beyond. I am of the opinion, that a soul isn’t created by two parents, but simply that a spirit inhabits the womb; a spirit that has traveled from beyond the astral space, to our material realm, and found a pair of spirits similar enough to itself that have undertaken a blood oath. Sex is the blood magic that all parents have undertaken to cast.

I say that the spirit (with its True Name) exists prior to even conception because of the simple fact of materials that a Weaponsmith can explain. If you have two metals and mix them, you never come up with a third unique metal. Many alloys may be considered a new metal, but they are not something brand new, just a combination of the previous existing metals. Iron and Copper only form a mixture of the two and not Silver (the exception of course is orrichalcum). The child, though similar to its parents, is not just a mixture of its parents. It instead has new qualities and characteristics that defy the original materials it began with.

I will endeavor to research more on this subject and write move extensively concerning it later. For now I will be content with proposing this hypothesis and testing it out later.


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