Kaer Jai'den

Finding Their Way

  • During the first night camped in front of the cave Rehtaeh and Eight are up and meditate during third watch and into the next morning to raise talents.
  • Eight attempts to Read Magic on the old grimoire again (after having raised his read/write magic talent, still to no avail.
  • The group heads generically “east” staying in the foothills of the mountains.
  • That night Lathe hears a howling sound during the night and wakes Eight up. (Eight dismisses him quickly and heads back to bed).
  • Eight meditates during third watch to raise a talent.
    The group heads generically “east” but staying in the foothills of the mountains makes it more of a south east.
  • The group catches sight of a river in the distance, and at second watch the next night John spots the first signs of civilization (a light of some kind near the river).
  • The group descends the foothills toward the river and finds themselves before too long in a wooded area.
  • During second watch that night Eight sees two creatures and attempts to talk to them (awakening Lathe and Rehtaeh in the process). A battle ensues (awakening John in the process). The creatures manage to reduce the magical ability of the adepts, but after inflicting a wound on each (with several minor scratches) the creatures run off. The Magic loss heals itself with time, and everyone warily returns to sleep.
  • Rehtaeh meditates during third watch and into the morning to raise a talent.
  • During the morning Lathe preforms his Karma Ritual to restore Karma he used during the fight.
  • The emerge from the forest the next morning (after not having walked very far) and find the (decently sized) river and a dirt road.
  • John insults Orcs as a race (to Rehtaeh: “Don’t you know Orcs don’t swim.”) and triggers one of Eight’s Gahads (which he attempts to swallow and fails).
  • An ineffectual punch from Eight to John seems to settle the matter (though Eight is still stewing and plotting).
  • Eight’s Blood Peace Wound aches a little and he realizes how close he came to almost breaking his oath.
  • They head south along the road and as the forest things out to just a grassy plain on their side of the river they see a group of six adventurers off in the distance.
  • As they walk the group makes plans on how best to make contact without giving away anything.

Legend Points

John Lathe Rehtaeh Eight
Going “somewhere” 25 25 25 25
Gate Hounds 75 100 100 75
Character Development 50 25 50 75
First Contact 50 25 25 25
Total 200 175 200 200


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