Kaer Jai'den

Founding Jai’Den

Home Sweat Home ... sort of ...

  • After agreeing on a site that looked suitable the group set camp.
  • Eight created a bone circle in his tent and put all of his personal gear in it, warning everyone not to enter his tent (and drawing unwanted attention to what he was doing with magic and chunks of bone).
  • The group took the animals to fell trees for raw material.
  • Rehtaeh set up the mini forge and used it with some scrap metal created a puzzle lock (John inspected the lock and approved of it’s difficulty)
  • Rehtaeh designed a watch tower for the group to construct.
  • The group constructed said watch tower which ended up being an enclosed 3 story space with a decorated exterior.
  • Lathe’s blessed coin felt warm in his pocket as the set the beams for the tower.
  • John and Eight placed pikes with the Orc raiders heads at the perimeter of their site.
  • Once all the work was done the group following Eight headed vaguely north looking for the entrance of their kaer.


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