Kaer Jai'den

Gatehound Gambit

All for one and one for dinner

  • The group heads north returning to the Kaer
  • Eight spots movement is the underbrush and realizes they are being surrounded.
  • EIght tries the frighten mount spell but it doesn’t have the desired effect effectively beginning the battle.
  • Mandrake charges head long forward pushing the issue
  • The Gatehounds quickly render the team “magicless” and close their circle tighter (leaving Mandrake out of the circle).
  • The Gatehounds go for the mounts scaring away Rehtaeh’s and Lathe’s mounts, effectively removing them from the battle.
  • Eight manages to hold the line against the Gatehounds for several rounds refusing to yield ground.
  • Mandrake manages to score damage against several of the hounds.
  • Eight is almost killed in an onslaught from the pack, but an unexpected surge of magic flows over threads into his pattern giving him the bonuses needed to hold on to life and consciousness (he had 2 points left).
  • Mandrake charges into the center of the pack and starts blade juggling to provide cover for Eight’s retreat.
  • Eight falls out of the circle of hounds to a safer distance for a magic user to fight from.
  • Rehtaeh manages to get control of her mount and starts back toward the battle.
  • Lathe failing to get control of his mount bails off and starts running back towards the battle on foot.
  • Mandrake wounds a few hounds and manages to kill one, but is running out of blades fast.
  • Eight lands an astral spear and kills another hound.
  • The hounds having taken sever wounds and two fatalities see the tide of battle going against them and fall back for a more opportune time.
  • Eight chases down Lathe’s mount.
  • The group rallies at the battle site and is all together again.


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