Kaer Jai'den

Home Again

Once we get through customs

  • The group collects themselves and after some rest Eight makes a miraculous recovery and is ready to just get out of here.
  • The group searches for the Kaer Entrance for a bit before Eight remembers where they left it.
  • The group leads their mounts through the mine and finds it an easier task than they had expected (except for John who is disappointed he couldn’t just ride in the mine).
  • Being so close to home the group switches over to a forced march.
  • As the Group makes it to the Name Unknown Named place the last few health points Eight is down spontaneously heal.
  • The group makes it to the Kaer Front door. Knocks and is bored for 3 hours waiting.
  • Hyram meets them and thoroughly examines them and everything they are carrying (taking several more hours).
  • The group has a quick tactical meeting with Hyram.
  • Lathe turns in his hand written report (closer to a small tome).
  • The group is allowed to rest till tomorrow.
  • John scares his mother by apparently “coming back from the dead” and finds out that there was apparently a look alike corpse at his funeral and not just the lock of hair he suspected.
  • Rehtaeh visits her family letting them know she is well but refusing to give any details on where she has been other than being “on official Inquisitor business”.
  • Lathe catches up with his old crew and has apparently earned some more street cred from having spent so long “in jail”.
  • Eight meditates to raise his Creature Analysis Talent.
  • EIght uses any downtime to work on this Gathound Leather cloak and robe.
  • The group tells their story in full to the Chief Administrator and all the high circle adepts in the Kaer
    • Lathe gives a brief history of the Throalic-Theran war as far as his research went.
    • Rehtaeh helps the Scribes update their maps and gives them tactical information.
    • Eight tells the entire story in full on Troubadour style.
    • John breaks in and gives “cinematic” versions of all their major battles.
  • Everyone is given 90g each and posh accommodations in the upper ring for their service and were informed that when they were needed again they would be told.
  • John was informed that there would be an official forensic inquest revealing that his apparent demise was simply an “administrative mistake”: He and another prisoner had been confused and it was that other prisoner who had been shot trying to escape and he had been “serving that others prisoners sentence” by mistake.


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