Kaer Jai'den

Pleased to Meet You!

and where are we?

  • Eight thoroughly examines the approaching party with Astral Sight
  • John speaks to the group in Sperethiel, the group asks how Haven is and Jai’den’s Hope display their ignorance, after they get closer the conversation switches to Thoralic.
  • Eight hand copies the adventuring parties map.
  • Rehtaeh asks about a forge and finds there is a town about 2 weeks to the south.
  • The two groups part.
  • Lathe meditates to raise a talent.
  • Lathe performs his Karma Ritual to restore a Karma Point.
  • Rehtaeh meditates to raise a talent.
  • Jai’den’s Hope realizes that they only have food left for a couple of days. Many of the individuals take rationing or hunter/gathering action, and the traveling pace has been bumped up to a forced march.
  • Rehtaeh and Lathe observe an air ship passing overhead early one morning.
  • While waking the group encounters a T’skrang riverboat and trade for a refill of their rations and some fine food while they are at it.
    *John catches their attention buy paying with Gold instead of Silver and gets shown other more expensive gear, from which he purchases a pair of very fine clothing and a pair of Dry Boots.
  • Jai’den’s Hope continues, total "ground covered’ was 1 weeks worth of foot travel, and total time spent was 4 days.


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