Kaer Jai'den

Pregame Hooks

And so it begins ...


  • Lathe is arrested but his other co-conspirators are left to get away with the loot.
  • Met Hyram in the cell and received a Inquisitor Recruitment Package
  • On his way out of jail had very terse conversation with eight



  • Went on an “information gathering” op in the wake of the Kaer-wide Holiday
  • Was double crossed and arrested on obviously fraudulent charges
  • Attempted to escape from jail
  • Was entered on the books as “Killed while trying to escape” though he was escorted alive and well to a conference room
  • interacted with a table
  • received an Inquisitor Recruitment Package from the Chief Administrator
  • went on a thieving spree to recreate his gear



Legend Points

Lathe and Eight +10 each for PC PC interaction
Mandrake +10 for actually interacting with the world and using skills and talents pregame


muskie62250 muskie62250

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