Kaer Jai'den


Zydan: Ah Officer Nevin, what brings you to the forge today. Did you finally save up enough to get your armor smoothed, or do you need your service blade sharpened?

Nevin: Neither my friend, I wanted to know if you heard any rumors about the Kaer opening.

Zydan: Rumors! What rumors? They were official announcements made by the Chief Administrator. We even had a Kaer wide holiday yesterday when they were sent out.

Nevin: Don’t be coy Zydan, you know what I mean.

Zydan: You mean about the fight that broke out between the members of the survey party when they weren’t even five steps beyond the seal, and how the Chief Inquisitor himself when out after them. Heard he confined and detained them single handedly and that they are being investigated for being Horror tainted.

Nevin: That’s exactly what I mean, but those aren’t the rumors, those are the facts. I want to know what the people think caused it.

Zydan: On crowd control Officer Nevin?

Nevin: Maybe… Come on Zydan, I know you hear things.

Zydan: Well there is a lot of the understandable worry that they are Horror Touched and that it’s still not safe outside.

Nevin: Of Course…

Zydan: But … there are also a few rumblings that it wasn’t a Horror after all, but just a natural fight amongst the team.

Nevi n: And what argument could have seemed so important in the face of the Kaer opening?

Zydan: I’ll leave that question to you boys.

Nevin: All right then… By the way, I notice none of the slaves are in today.

Zydan: Nevin! You know that anyone who works in my forge is a brother…

Nevin: What ever you call them, they aren’t here.

Zydan: Yesterday was a Kaer holiday.

Nevin: That was yesterday.

Zydan: That it was.

Nevin: You wily old elf! Do you know something you not saying?

Zydan [smiling a little too widely]: Good evening Officer.

Nevin: Good evening Weaponsmith, maybe I’ll stop by later this week to get my gear serviced.

Zydan: And if you’re willing to chat with me about “your work” then maybe it will be on the house.

[Nevin glares at the elf across the counter before cracking a smile and leaving without a word.]


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