Kaer Jai'den

The Egress

  • The PCs try to confirm they can reenter the kaer the same way they exited, and come to the sudden realization that none of them brought any rope.
  • The PCs trudge for a couple of hours through the sewer equivalent before coming to higher and dryer ground.
  • They climb to the access tunnel (with the nethermancer taking about a half hour to do with Rehtaeh did in minutes).
  • They spend a day traveling through a main tunnel and camp for the night
  • They come to a doorway that leads to an abandoned mine.
  • The neathermancer realizes they are in a Named Place and has a conversation with a deceased spirit.
  • Lathe and Rehtaeh discover some relics mostly buried in the silty ground.
  • John and Eight examine what their teammates have found.
  • They slowly make their way out through the mine with John exploring any off-shoot he can.
  • The finally break into the “outside” and are able to ascertain the time of day and get a general bearing on direction.
  • They come to the sudden realization that they looked up no history for Jai’den and brought no maps.
  • They make camp for the night (to curb their “jet lag”) and set a watch

Legend Points

John Lathe Rehtaeh Eight
Tunnel Climb 40 35 50 5
Spirit/Named Place 5 5 5 30
Relics 10 30 30 15
Freedom 50 50 50 50
Total 105 120 135 100


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