Gareth is the highest Circle Neathermancer in the Kaer and, as is quite common for Neathermancers, has a rather cold antisocial bend to her personality. She is at least 150 years old though with antisocial elves it’s hard to know their age for certain.

She is know to have a weekly meetings with Chief Inquisitor Hyram and most believe that it is because the Inquisitors are keeping an extra close eye on the Neathermancers in the Kaer, for fear that they may be more likely to than any other dicipline to let a Horror into the Kaer.

She has a reputation as being a dispassionate teacher, though she rarely takes apprentices. She has turned away may aspiring students by bluntly informing them that they “aren’t fit or worthy of the Discipline.” The one recent exception to this has been the Ork she refers to only as Eight.


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