Kaer Jai'den

The Comission
Into the great beyond
  • The PC’s show up and have awkward initial dialog.
  • Eight thoroughly examines everyone else using Astral Sight
  • Hyram, Urist, Varog and Vellous show up and Hyram asks Eight where his master is (Gareth being obviously late)
  • the Blood Promise Oaths begin, Gareth shows up, and they finish
  • The PC’s are taken to another Posh conference room and the Chief Administrator arrived and informs them about their mission (potential war outside potential civil war inside, recon outside the kaer, keep it secret)
  • The PC’s swore the Blood Peace Oath at the Oath Table and Joined Jai’den’s Hope.
  • The PC’s packed up and wasted away 3 days
  • They left the Kaer as unnoticed and unceremoniously as possible
  • Their Blood Promise Oaths were rendered fulfilled

Legend Points

Eight + 125 (+ 50 Blood Promise Oath + 50 joining Jai’den’s Hope + 5 RP/group cohesion + 20 RP/NPC interaction-explaining/leading magical interaction for the group)
Mandrake + 110 (+ 50 Blood Promise Oath + 50 joining Jai’den’s Hope + 10 RP/group cohesion)
Rehtaeh + 110 (+ 50 Blood Promise Oath + 50 joining Jai’den’s Hope + 10 RP/group cohesion)
Lathe + 105 (+ 50 Blood Promise Oath + 50 joining Jai’den’s Hope + 5 RP/group cohesion)

Pregame Hooks
And so it begins ...


  • Lathe is arrested but his other co-conspirators are left to get away with the loot.
  • Met Hyram in the cell and received a Inquisitor Recruitment Package
  • On his way out of jail had very terse conversation with eight



  • Went on an “information gathering” op in the wake of the Kaer-wide Holiday
  • Was double crossed and arrested on obviously fraudulent charges
  • Attempted to escape from jail
  • Was entered on the books as “Killed while trying to escape” though he was escorted alive and well to a conference room
  • interacted with a table
  • received an Inquisitor Recruitment Package from the Chief Administrator
  • went on a thieving spree to recreate his gear



Legend Points

Lathe and Eight +10 each for PC PC interaction
Mandrake +10 for actually interacting with the world and using skills and talents pregame

A Hypothesis on the Beginning of the Thread
Understanding Death from a Pre-Life Perspective

Many of the source material that I have undertaken to read from the learned discipline seem to concern themselves far too much with the end of life, and with the transit of the spirit beyond our mortal frame. This writing, I hope, serves as a reasonable hypothesis as to when exactly the spirit attaches itself to our frames.

Most adepts and non, traditionally agree that when a baby breathes it’s first, it is first alive. This convenient lie serves only to shroud our spirit in an acceptable mystery. Now the Elementalist would happily convey the wonders of the element of Air, but they would simply, in my opinion, be erring (pun intended) on which element. I feel that it is Water, that first binds the spirit on their mortal journey. I ask you then, does the baby have a True Name in the womb? Further study will be needed and I will have to examine many pregnant women at various stages to unravel this fact.

Now, Nethermancers have the only true perspective when it comes to life, namely in deep understanding that one’s thread simply doesn’t end when they die, but instead, their spirit travels (debatable as to where) away from the material realm into the astral space and beyond. I am of the opinion, that a soul isn’t created by two parents, but simply that a spirit inhabits the womb; a spirit that has traveled from beyond the astral space, to our material realm, and found a pair of spirits similar enough to itself that have undertaken a blood oath. Sex is the blood magic that all parents have undertaken to cast.

I say that the spirit (with its True Name) exists prior to even conception because of the simple fact of materials that a Weaponsmith can explain. If you have two metals and mix them, you never come up with a third unique metal. Many alloys may be considered a new metal, but they are not something brand new, just a combination of the previous existing metals. Iron and Copper only form a mixture of the two and not Silver (the exception of course is orrichalcum). The child, though similar to its parents, is not just a mixture of its parents. It instead has new qualities and characteristics that defy the original materials it began with.

I will endeavor to research more on this subject and write move extensively concerning it later. For now I will be content with proposing this hypothesis and testing it out later.


Zydan: Ah Officer Nevin, what brings you to the forge today. Did you finally save up enough to get your armor smoothed, or do you need your service blade sharpened?

Nevin: Neither my friend, I wanted to know if you heard any rumors about the Kaer opening.

Zydan: Rumors! What rumors? They were official announcements made by the Chief Administrator. We even had a Kaer wide holiday yesterday when they were sent out.

Nevin: Don’t be coy Zydan, you know what I mean.

Zydan: You mean about the fight that broke out between the members of the survey party when they weren’t even five steps beyond the seal, and how the Chief Inquisitor himself when out after them. Heard he confined and detained them single handedly and that they are being investigated for being Horror tainted.

Nevin: That’s exactly what I mean, but those aren’t the rumors, those are the facts. I want to know what the people think caused it.

Zydan: On crowd control Officer Nevin?

Nevin: Maybe… Come on Zydan, I know you hear things.

Zydan: Well there is a lot of the understandable worry that they are Horror Touched and that it’s still not safe outside.

Nevin: Of Course…

Zydan: But … there are also a few rumblings that it wasn’t a Horror after all, but just a natural fight amongst the team.

Nevi n: And what argument could have seemed so important in the face of the Kaer opening?

Zydan: I’ll leave that question to you boys.

Nevin: All right then… By the way, I notice none of the slaves are in today.

Zydan: Nevin! You know that anyone who works in my forge is a brother…

Nevin: What ever you call them, they aren’t here.

Zydan: Yesterday was a Kaer holiday.

Nevin: That was yesterday.

Zydan: That it was.

Nevin: You wily old elf! Do you know something you not saying?

Zydan [smiling a little too widely]: Good evening Officer.

Nevin: Good evening Weaponsmith, maybe I’ll stop by later this week to get my gear serviced.

Zydan: And if you’re willing to chat with me about “your work” then maybe it will be on the house.

[Nevin glares at the elf across the counter before cracking a smile and leaving without a word.]



Story Time

Teacher: Sit down kids and listen to Master Varog, he has a story to tell.

Varog: Thank you but I think I can take it from here …

I know you were looking forward to hearing a story from the Book of Tomorrow, but instead I have a story from the history of our own Kaer. This is the tale of Jai’den’s Hope and the sealing of the Kaer.

Now as you all know our Kaer was late to close, we didn’t close till about 1050 Th and with that came some truly disturbing problems. Our forefathers were exposed the start of the scourge and the Horrors that came with it. There were savage beasts that would rip you limb from limb, there were astral beings with no bodies that would invade your mind and drive you insane. The very air and water began to foul and the dead even began to walk again and turn against us.

To protect ourselves everyone was moved into the Kaer even though it wasn’t completed. No one was allowed to leave except the workers who were building the sluice doors and the outer seal. The available Adepts would take turns guarding the workers and the entrance to the Kaer, but soon tragedy struck and one of the guards was influenced by a Horror. He tried kill the very workers he was supposed to be protecting, and would have made a massacre of them if it wasn’t for quick action of a Warrior Adept Named Valarius. Valarius fell the poor Horror Touched soul before he could harm anyone.

It was clear that it was to dangerous to have shifts entering and leaving the kaer if we were trying to keep Horrors out, so a group of Adepts volunteered to stand watch at the entrance to the mine. They would take the entire responsibility without relief so that there were no more shifts entering the kaer, and so that there wouldn’t even be a change of Horror contamination they also vowed not to return to the kear. Valarius even declared that they should kill him on site, for only Horror control could cause him to break his oath.

They were making a great sacrifice for us, and these adepts decided to bind themselves together and to the people of Jai’den by Naming themselves Jai’den’s Hope and taking a Blood Oath to defend Jai’den or die trying.

They took the Freedom Path up beyond the seal to the mouth of the tunnel where they would stand guard over us, and they were true to their word. Never again was a Horror seen in Jai’den and Jai’den’s Hope never tried to return to the kaer. Finally the outer seal was finished and at last we were safe. We don’t know what became of them, but it was their sacrifice that bought us the time to seal off the kaer, and we owe them all our lives.
We tell their story to every generation for they were truly heros who’s legend deserves to live as long as we do.

And there my tale ends, for such is the truth of the matter.


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