Jai'den's Hope

Jai’den’s hope was a Named adventuring group who was instrumental to the defense of Kaer Jai’den. According to legend they sacrificed themselves to protect the kaer while the workmen were finishing the outer door.


Origional Members

Valarius (Warrior Adept)
Montigo (Swordmaster Adept)
Sigund (Archer Adept)
Zandus (Wizard Adept)
Sunna (Elementalist Adept)

Current Members

Eight (Nethermancer Adept)
Lathe Goldwall (Archer Adept)
John Mandrake (Theif Adept)
Rehtaeh (Weaponsmith Adept)


The Symbol of Jaiden’s Hope has the following elements

  • A Shield symbolizing the groups purpose to protect the kaer
  • A Book identifying itself in Theran as the Rites of Protection and Passage and in Throlic as the Book of Tomorrow symbolizing the role the Theran caravan and the Throlic administrators plaid in preserving the town of Jai’den
  • 2 Banners that read in Throlic “Protecting Our Families” and in Theran “A Shelter From Destruction

Group Pattern Items

Jai’den’s Hope Oath Table
Lathe Goldwall’s Quiver
Mandrake Family Brooch
Rehteah’s Weaponsmith Tools
Wolfgang de Bie VIII’s First Robe

Jai'den's Hope

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