Lathe's Personal Vision

Hitting the target is an aftereffect of an Archer choosing a target. The difficulty is in choosing the target and seeing it precisely, so that a missile is not launched which will not reach its goal.
The physical act of hitting a target with a crossbow is the most obvious show of Archery, and the one most closely tied to an Archer’s magic. However, the true test of an Archer, the Art of Seeing, can similarly be applied to non-physical situations such as logistics and diplomacy.

This Art, seen clearly, first consists of recognizing one’s own targets as well as the targets that others are pursuing. Second, a Crossbowman must discern targets that are far away as well as those that are near, and shape a path from each target to the next. Thirdly, a true master of this Art will determine such a path that allows for the farthest targets to be hit as precisely as if they were near at hand, rather than causing them to continually drift out of reach.

The Karma Ritual is a perfect example of the Art of Seeing: simply because one has a obvious target does not mean that it is the correct target, or the next target to be achieved. The ritual consists of meditating on the flow of targets in one’s life as one pursues targets that are not yet in range. After finishing these meditations, three arrows are fired in sequence at different targets, each defining the final target, which is then also struck. This final target could not have been reached had the previous targets not also been recognized and reached, in precise order.

The Crossbowman, more so than other Archers, is concerned with the targets that others are pursuing. Where those targets converge, there is community. Where they diverge, there is conflict. (The astute Crossbowman will note that community and conflict themselves may be targets.) Most importantly, the Crossbowman uses his knowledge of these targets (and the ability of others to reach their targets) in order to reach his own targets.

The First Impression Talent exemplifies this attention to others: by making another’s target easier for them to achieve, the Crossbowman reaches his own target of improved Attitude with that person. As such an impression must be made quickly, it requires an understanding of others in order to precisely See the targets they seek.

Lathe's Personal Vision

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