Pack Mule and Party Gear


Pack Mule (GM pg. 188)
Mules are the sterile crossbreeds of donkeys and horses. Pack mules are used to transport goods all across Barsaive. Though not as strong as draft horses, they are more sure-footed and travel better on uneven ground. These animals are often found pulling the carts and wagons of caravans traveling through rough terrain.

DEX: 4 Initiative: 4 Damage:- Unconsciousness: 34
STR: 7 Physical Defense: 6 Physical Armor: 0 Knockdown: 8
TOU: 7 Actions: 1 Trample (2): 9 Wound Threshold: 12
PER: 3 Spell Defense: 4 Mystic Armor: 2 Movement: 8
WIL: 6 Attack (1): 5 Death: 42 Legend Award:
CHA: 3 Social Defense: 7 Recovery Tests: 3 First Circle
Mount Feed Cost Stable Cost Carrying Capacity Weight Lifespan
Pack Mule 2 cp 2 cp 360 900 20

(PG pg 272)
Powers: Enhanced Senses [Listen, Smell] (2): 5
Enhanced Senses (GM pg. 151)
Step Number: Rank
Action: Free
Type: Magical; Mundane
creature that has the Enhanced Senses power has an improved sense of hearing, smell, sight, taste, or touch. When the creature makes a Perception Test using the enhanced sense, it adds the Enhanced Senses Rank as a bonus to the Perception Test result. The five enhanced senses that creatures possess include: listen, sight, smell, taste and touch. The specific senses enhanced by this power are shown with the power.

Cart (PG pg. 270)
Carts: Carts are wheeled vehicles used by merchants to transport goods. Large carts usually measure one to two yards long by one yard wide. Pack mules usually pull carts, but some merchants also use horses for the task. Smaller carts can be pushed by hand.

Portable Forge – (20 lbs.)
Pot – (8 lbs.)
Fishsin Tackle – (14 lbs.)
30’ Rope – (10 lbs.)
(1/7) Trail Rations (1 day) x 80
Good Rations x 36
Padded Leather Armor x 3
Enhanced Padded Leather Armor
Short Sword x 3
Enhanced Short Sword
Short Bow x 2
Quiver x 2
Arrows (Prepared for Fire) x 16
4 Scent Organs
Silver: 800


Purchased by Rehtaeh from a smith in Lake City for 100sp


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