Character Creation

We will be following the character creation rules in the Player’s Guide p.25, but since we will be starting inside a sealed Kaer Jai’den there will be some minor restrictions.


Please restrict yourself to the following races unless you get express permission from the GM:

Troll *

* All Trolls in Kaer Jai’den are slaves.


Only the following languages may be taken:

Human *

* You must pick a dialect and have it approved by the GM.


The following Disciplines may not be taken:

Air Sailor
Sky Raider


I will be awarding one session worth (0-300) of legend points during character creation. You can use those points even before the first session if you choose. In order to earn them you must provide me (posted here or sent in e-mail) with a character background. It may be in any literary form you like – one piece, several small vignettes, prose, a conversation – whatever you like. In order to earn the legend points your background must answer four questions. I will score how well you answered these questions on a scale of 0-3 add up the results and multiply by 25 to get your final Legend Point Award.

The four questions and some guides to help understand them follows:

  1. What are you?
  • I should be able to tell the difference between a blond haired blue eyed upper class human and a poor troll slave from your background.
  • If you do the other questions well this should be a freebee.
  1. Who are you?
  • This is the kind of information that would help me play the character if they were an NPC.
  • This is also the kind of information that might let me guess what might become important to the character or accidental pattern items etc.
  • This is character development more than character description, so you can do this by showing rather than saying (giving your character a sarcastic attitude that comes thought the writing/conversation instead of having the character write/say “I’m sarcastic”)
  1. What is your personal vision?
  • See Player’s Guide p.37
  • For Example – If you’re a thief – do you follow the path of selfishness or do you give the gift of theft, etc.
  1. How do you fit into the Kaer?
  • What subculture are you part of?
  • How do you earn your living?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • etc …

Character Creation

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