Legend Points

Earning Legend Points

I’m going to try to award Legend Points after each session, and you can earn legend points in two ways, either through overcoming challenges or through your Campaign Journal. You are all familiar with the concept of earning experience by overcoming in game challenges so I won’t bother explaining it. I will be keeping track of available Legend Points here.

Rules for Campaign Journals.

I am using rules slightly different from the ones in the Players Handbook p. 247. Instead of there being one Campaign Journal for the group that you sell to the Great Library.

  • Each Player is encouraged to keep their own Campaign Journal
  • Campaign Journals must be an In-Game document but it doesn’t have to be a “journal” per say. It can be a song, conversation, painting, etc.
  • A Campaign Journal only awards Legend Points after it’s “published” to be considered “published” you must meet the following criteria:
    • The final form must be given to (and accepted by) the GM (posting to this site counts as giving it to the GM)
    • There must be an In-Game event to publish (selling to the Great Library, a live performance by a Troubadour, a trip to a town where you have the conversation, etc.)
    • There must be an In-Game opportunity for the event to take place (if you have never left the wilderness/cave/wherever you can’t have “published” it yet)
  • Any player who submits a Campaign Journal gets 10% of the Legend Points it describes
  • Any other character mentioned by Name in another player’s Campaign Journal gets 5% of the Legend Points described in the Journal
  • Only those events described in the Journal get the extra Legend Points (if you earned 300 Legend Points for doing 3 things but your Journal only mentions one you only get 10 not 30)
  • Imaginary events and lies in the Journal don’t “create” any extra Legend Points, but lying is still fair game (for example: saying you helped the party bravely fight the Horror when you really hid and let the rest of the team do all the work will earn you the Legend Points, but saying you killed a Horror that wasn’t really there or wasn’t really defeated gets you nothing)

So in short, if everyone in a four player party “publishes” a decently detailed Campaign Journal everyone could have an extra 25% Legend Points.

Spending Legend Points

Legend points can be spent in all the ways identified in the Player’s Handbook p. 236 with the following clarifications and selected options.

Spell Legend Points

Learning spells doesn’t cost Legend Points, but you must find someone/something to teach you. (no special optional rule)

New Circle Training

You must have a minimum rank in all of your Discipline Talents greater than or equal to the circle you want to train for. (no special optional rule)

Aligning Skills to Talents

When you first learn a Talent that you already know as a skill you can align the skill to the magical talent per the rules in the Players Handbook p. 240

Legend Points

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